Wednesday, July 28, 2010

49 Fuk Off Panhead

Gentry's 1949 Panhead. Built by Keino Cycles. One nice machine. Im sure this bike will be at the Brooklyn Invitational since it resides in NY.
Photos by Jeff Elstone.


Another 65 Pan Shovel

Im going to look at a 1979 Pan Shovel tomorrow. Fingers crossed its worth more than what the guy is asking!

1965 Pan Shovel

BORN TO BE WILD- Zurück zur Übersicht

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


My installation Presentation is SEPT 14th
6:00-8:30pm. 87 Lafayette St. NYC.
Syked I will be in NY anyway, so I get to go to this!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DONATE: Brian O'Conor

A friend that was diagnosed with cancer. Every little bit helps. DONATE HERE.

VVMC show, Venice Beach CA

iPhone pics.

A Cro Customs bike.

Cro Customs

Cro Customs 13 24, Culver City CA.

I just met these guys at the VVMC show on sunday. They built this beautiful Sportster tracker.

Garage Company

Garage Co. Inglewood CA.

Franks Pan
Another Panhead

Would'nt mind riding this around town. With a gun!

Love Cyles

Love Cycles is in Phoeniz AZ. Damn nice bikes.

VL Fork!

Too bad you cant by things at these prices anymore.

Zero Engineering

Sportster Roller