Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I brought my bike down to a family friends shop in my home town.
He owns an iron "erector" company. He builds all the Kaiser hospitals.
We got a lot done in 2 night sessions! Thanks Mike!

Once we started welding the bungs, and trying to figure out some other mounting options for my oil tank and rear fender, I began to think of some NON PERIOD CORRECT ways to put some shit together!
You Period correct people are shittin right now! But guess what, this is my bike, not yours.

The fender was for a 18" tire, and im running a 19" rear, so i had to chop it and make it work, ended up looking a little more track like in the back, which I ended up really liking. Then I felt like mounting the rear fender to the frame. Why not?
The sissy bar was pretty simple, I wanted it very minimal and looking like it was floating. Doubled up a slice of the fender for the sissy mounts as well to make it look more minimal, and not a cross bar on the top over my fender.
We aso mounted it to the side car mounts(i think) for more support. Using 2 bolts, was sturdier than 1.
I did it there because Iv never seen anyone do it there, and why the hell not, If it didnt work, well, I'd just throw it to the "proper" location anyway! but it worked! Doing shit out of the norm makes me feel good, and have more fun when I build. Fuck it, its "THE METH HEAD" chopper!!!!

67 progress