Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pangea Speed Streamliners

These are gonna be nice and comfy!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011


EDR 4- Now,That was a damn good time. Logged 720 miles Round Trip!

I rode out from LA to Temecula thursday early AM.
Then met up with some "DEATH TRAPS MC" guys and rode almost to the border with, Until I lost them.
I then met up with 3 dudes from Texas from Vise Grip MC, Nick, Brian and not straight edger Kevin. They ruled.
We rode fast a hard, and luckily only had one hick up, aside from my front wheel moving back and forth about a 1/4", a flat tire. "21"Tire Needed!"
Quickly fixed from a few mexicans that gave Nick a ride back to the tire shop, Patched up and incomes Nick in a GIANT Tonka dump truck he hitched a ride back with for a $1!!
Kevin and I got real loose at "The Iguana" the first night! Along with Stone from Bolts. That was a good time! And Knucklehead Ryan from CO, that lives in Big Bear.
San Felipe was really relaxing! Best fish tacos I've ever had. I popped my tent on the beach for 2 nights. Death Traps MC kept everyone up all fucking night blasting fucking mini atomic bombs until 4 am. haha. Then Vise Grip guys, Bolts guys and my self, Rouser and a a few others all rode to Ensenada Saturday morning. We also made a new biker gang in San Felipe, "CHOPPER FAGGOT" and "CHOPPER NIGGER". HAHA goodtimes!

I caught a bee.