Sunday, October 10, 2010

Seattle Washington Blackbird Ballard Visit -UPDATED

We went up to Seattle to visit our dear friends at Blackbird Ballard.
And The Field House, and Blackbird Candy Shoppe, and Blackbird Apothecary!
They had a runway show at an Indian Cultural Center in the middle of the woods. We drove about a mile into crazy big woods, parked the car, and waited in a line to get on a bus that took us up to the space. It was pretty awesome!
We stayed at the Ace one night, in a jail cell like room. And the next night we stayed at the Deca, College town area.

Saturday, Ms. Blackbird took us up north to the smallest coolest little towns i've ever been to!
We drove up through Deception Pass and hiked around the woods a a bit. Twilight yo! Fucking cool.
In another little tow, Anacortes, we did a little vintage shopping. Nicole came up on some smooth pipes and I came up on a smooth knife.

Beer in Seattle is super cheap too! Rainier $2.50 EVERYWHERE! And Oaxaca mexi spot near Blackbird is soo good!
I took a lot of photo's. I used Pin Hole setting, B&W, and reg, and adjusted in iPhoto.

Totally forgot about iPhone pics!
In La Conner we went to a Quilt and Textile Museum! We all swore to not take off our Gloves!!!

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