Tuesday, October 25, 2011

GYPSY RUN 2011 / Cross Country Road Trip

As im going through my iPhoto I come across my photos from the cross country Gypsy Run trip from CA to New Jersey/New York!
Myself, JD, and Josh from Lowbrow/biltwell drove cross country in 58 hours non stop. Luckily we had a futon in the back of the van for sleep rotations! While towing a 25ft enclosed trailer with 10 bikes in it. Our bikes, plus a few others who were meeting us in NJ for the Gypsy Run, and a few bikes that were in the Brooklyn Invitational! It was a super fun trip, no drama, good eats, and some of the most beautiful roads I've ever ridden!! Ill let the pics speak for them selves! Cheers!.


  1. Good meeting ya. Great photos, Im glad you had a good time.

  2. Thanks for putting all together Walter!! If it wasnt for you, I would have be sitting on my ass like I am now on my computer!