Sunday, August 22, 2010

Arrowhead and Big Bear

A nice 275mile loop. I rode out to my parents saturday for a friends going away party on saturday, and to ride up to Lake Arrowhead and through Big Bear sunday. We rode Hwy18 into Lake Arrowhead and found some really fun windy roads. We then headed to Running Springs for lunch, and into Big Bear. On the way back we took hwy38 down the back way, which was super fun, and damn near zero cars. Wide open. We stopped at a friends steel shop to fix my sissy bar. (someone thought it would be funny to yank on it with all their weight and broke some atlantis booger welds :(.)
Some of the iPhone photo's actually turned out pretty smooth looking blury and wavy.

And back home!


  1. I love that jam... fun roads.

  2. So fun. The back road down was 5th wide open 90% of the time! So damn scary, and fun! Was with a dude who had a 1200 BMW Streetbike that was booking it!