Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pretty Cool

By 1927 the Ford Model T was distinctly old fashioned. Sales had fallen since 1923, and Chevrolet were pressing the Ford Motor Company very hard. Henry Ford's (1863-1947) response was to launch a replacement car, the Ford Model A. As with its forerunner, the Model A proved popular. Available with a variety of car bodies, it also formed the basis for light commercial and specialist vehicles. This Model is an example of how small independent firms took advantage of the Ford's relatively low cost. Curtes put a coachbuilt horse box body on a Model A chassis adapted for the purpose by the fitting of a proprietary Baico chassis extension. The model A continued to be built until 1932, when it was replaced by the new range of Ford V8 engined cars known as the Model B.
I wouldn't mind cruising USA showing my collection out of this thing!

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